ProVia Entry Doors

ProVia Door is committed to making doors the professional way. Our entry doors are energy efficient, built to the highest quality standards and give you a superior alternative to consumer-grade doors that are sold through home improvement retailers.

All ProVia entry doors qualify for the ENERGY STAR® program. ENERGY STAR was created by the U.S. EPA and Department of Energy to help consumers identify products that save energy and money and protect the environment. ProVia is proud that each door it produces is an ENERGY STAR door.

Installing these energy efficient doors will save you money on heating and cooling costs, improve interior comfort and increase the value of your home. To learn more about our ENERGY STAR doors, visit our fiberglass and steel door product page.

ProVia's professional class doors are made from the highest quality materials, starting with 20-gauge galvannealed steel that gives you 49% more steel than a consumer-grade door. This exceptional durability is endorsed as "the door preferred by America’s top remodelers" and is backed by a lifetime limited transferable warranty.

State-of-the-art methods of customization make it possible for you to create entry doors that are made to order for your home. Visit our design center and choose the size, color, glass and hardware of your choice for an end result that will set your home apart for years to come.

ProVia Storm Doors

Energy efficient storm doors by ProVia Door protect your entry doors by keeping the elements out and keeping comfort in. These professional class storm doors are produced using 20% thicker aluminum than consumer-grade storm doors that are sold through home improvement retailers.

ProVia Patio Doors

ProVia Door provides swinging patio doors and sliding patio doors that are built to the highest quality standards, making them superior to consumer-grade doors sold through home improvement retailers.

Professional class swinging patio doors are available in fiberglass, smooth steel and textured steel constructions giving you all the options to find the perfect complement for your home. Finish options for our patio doors that swing open include a variety of paint and stain colors.

Our steel patio doors are made from the highest quality materials, starting with 20-gauge galvanized steel that gives you 49% more steel than a consumer-grade door.

Each energy efficient patio door carries the ENERGY STAR seal that represents superior construction and an air tight fit for reduced energy consumption and improved interior comfort. Our ENERGY STAR patio doors are fitted with a heavy-duty extruded sill that will not rot or warp and provides a thermal barrier to outside temperatures.

Standard features on ProVia swinging patio doors add to the security of your home and family. They include a spring-loaded latching system that automatically latches when closing, a maximum security deadbolt and lock area that is reinforced with a 20-gauge steel security plate for added strength.

Features on our patio doors that slide include triple weatherstripping and superior insulation, which will improve the interior comfort of your home by eliminating air and sound infiltration.

Reinforced galvanized steel panels add to the stability and rigidity of our sliding patio doors. Smooth, easy and quiet operation is guaranteed with ProVia's exclusive patented sliding system.


Energy Efficiency Basics:

Q:  I need new windows.  What's the first thing that I need to know when it comes to replacement windows and energy efficiency?

A:  Replacing windows with energy-efficient ones can help reduce your utility bills, but the benefits go much further.  Choosing energy-efficient windows makes your home more comfortable, as their determines how much heat comes in and escapes out through the windows.

Q:  How do I know if a window or door is energy efficient?

A: Certification programs such as those administered by the National Generations Rating Council (NFRC) and ENERGY STAR provide ratings -- like U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient - measure a product's effectiveness in insulting and blocking heat from the sun, among other things.

U-FACTOR:  Measures how well a window keeps heat inside your home.  It's a measure of total heat flow through a window or door from room air to outside air.  Lower numbers indicate greater insulating capabilities.  It's a particularly important measure for climates with colder winters.  

SOLAR HEAT GAIN:  Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) measures how much radiant heat enters your home.  All you really need to remember is: the lower the number, the less heat a window lets in.

VISIBLE TRANSMITTANCE (VT):  The amount of visible light transferred through a window.  Low-E coatings can reject solar heat gain without reducing visible light to pass through the glass.  A high VT is desirable to maximize daylight.

Q:  Are tax credits still available for energy-saving window and doors replacement?

A:  Congress has extended tax credits through December 31, 2016.  To qualify, windows must meet ENERGY STAR requirements and be installed at the taxpayer's primary residence.  All replacement windows from Phillips Home Solutions, exceed these requirements and are eligible for the tax credit.  The tax credit equals 10% of product cost, excluding installation costs, up to $200 for windows and up to $500 for doors.  Homeowners are limited to $500 total energy efficient tax credits, including claims from previous years.  For additional details, please visit: